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Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Blog – Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas

Staying Safe at Sporting Events This Spring

March 14, 2018
St. Louis offers many events for sports fans. While football is now over, many hockey fans are still cheering on the St. Louis Blues. Soccer will be starting up soon, as will baseball—much to the delight of Cardinals fans. And let’s not forget youth sports, from Little League to soccer to...
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Spotting a Concussion After a School Bus Accident

November 26, 2017
School bus accidents are fortunately not everyday occurrences, but they still happen frequently enough to make parents worry. Recently, a school bus in O’Fallon, Missouri was in an accident where four children and one adult were injured. Fortunately, the injuries were minor. But this is not...
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Personal Injury Risks at Concerts

November 13, 2017
Concerts can be a lot of fun, but they may also lead to personal injury. A broad variety of unexpected things can happen at a concert, and unfortunately, people sometimes get hurt at these events. At Schultz & Myers, we hope you will be safe at all the events you attend. However, if you are...
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Staying Safe This Halloween

October 28, 2017
As the 31st October comes closer, creative costumes, candies, goodies and party invitations are keeping both parents and kids busy. It's Halloween after all, and it's the only day when kids can be their favorite cartoon or movie characters. Not to forget treat-or-trick, which has been around in the...
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The Dangers of Fatigued Driving

September 15, 2017
Most of us have busy schedules, juggling multiple demands. Maybe you have small children at home, are a college student who spends late nights studying for tests, or you took a second job, working swing shifts to save money. For a variety of reasons, you may not be getting the total amount of...
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